Effortless Hypnosis offers Group Hypnosis at your location for businesses, groups and organizations.  

These sessions may be 'closed', that is limited to your group, or open to the general public. Closed sessions are an ideal way to work on a common goal like losing weight, quitting smoking, stress management, public speaking or achieving a group target. Open sessions are often sponsored by organizations such as schools or libraries as a service to the public. These are generally more generic introductory Hypnosis sessions, a great way to expose people to Hypnosis. They may focus on a specific goal such as weight loss, stress management or quitting smoking.

It is the client's responsibility to maintain a quiet, safe, undistracted environment for the duration of the Group Hypnosis session at your location. 

Rates for Group Hypnosis at your location are dependent on factors such as geography, number of participants, number and type of sessions.  

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