Effortless Hypnosis

The primary aim of Hypnosis is transformation and personal growth. The Hypnotist's job is to assist you to achieve the natural states of mind where healing and change happen easily. Used correctly, Hypnosis helps us tap into the unlimited power of the human mind.

Hypnosis uses guided imagery and progressive relaxation to create a relaxed, open, hypnotic state. This is not a state of deep sleep but, rather, one of heightened awareness. There is a feeling of well-being, deep relaxation, and the acceptance of new ideas that are not in conflict with personal values.  

Hypnosis helps change attitudes, the key to changing behavior. It empowers a person to solve his/her own problems. With Hypnosis, behaviors can be modified that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to change.  Issues such as smoking or lack of control around food can be shifted to a healthier alternative, creating changes that bring long term positive health benefits. Hypnosis can improve your essential quality of life, in all its circumstances.

Hypnosis is not a substitute for Medical, Dental or Psychiatric care. Individuals in need of such care must consult a qualified, licensed provider for advice, diagnosis and treatment prior to Hypnosis.

The Hypnotist must be kept informed of the professional care a client is receiving. As an adjunct, Hypnosis may enhance such care.  Hypnosis should only be received from a trained professional who practices within the scope of his or her training.

Private Sessions

Most Clients choose private one-on-one sessions with Susan Lembo, our Certified HypnoCounselor.  Private sessions permit Hypnosis to be tailored to your specific needs. This is the best choice for anyone who is trying to quit smoking, or has weight loss, stress management or other issues that require individual attention. Daytime and evening appointments are available. Sessions are generally one hour in length and are scheduled weekly.   

Effortless Hypnosis offers private sessions at Le Spa located at 109 Main Street in Whitehouse Station.

If you have questions about Hypnosis, and wonder whether it might help you move in the direction of your goals, feel free to call Susan at (908) 246-3096.  Complimentary phone and in office consultations are available to answer your questions and to explain more fully how Hypnosis can help you move in the direction of greater health and well being. 

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Group Sessions

Some clients prefer the more affordable alternative of Group Hypnosis.  Your needs are addressed in the context of a friendly and supportive group setting.  In the group sessions  you will receive Hypnosis that will help you be in control around food, eliminate sugar, carbs and other non food items, have the motivation to exercise,  and be mindful around food.  These changes in behavior begin the journey to permanent weight loss. 

Check Announcements or Group Hypnosis Calendar to see when the next Group Sessions starts.

Register for Group Hypnosis or call (908) 246-3096 or email EffortlessHypnosis@gmail.com. Pre-registration is required.  No drop ins please.

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On Site Personalized Group Sessions

Effortless Hypnosis offers Group Hypnosis sessions personalized for your organization, business or group.  Contact Us for details.