Effortless Hypnosis


Weight Loss

I first used Susan about one year ago for 4 private sessions to stop a bad nail biting habit that was ingrained for over 40 years. After 2 sessions I stopped biting and after 4 sessions I was free of the habit and the urge. It's been over 12 months and I remain free of this nasty habit. I am very happy with my results.

I also participated in 4 group sessions for "Healthy Eating and Weight Loss". After the first session I immediately started following healthier eating habits, such as eating fewer carbs, drinking more water, and exercising portion control. Immediately following the first session I started to lose weight and 3 weeks later I had dropped 10 pounds (from 201 to 191) and I anticipate to lose a few more. I also found my cravings for carbs were reduced or, at least, easier to control. 

Although I was a little skeptical of the potential impact hypnosis could have on me (an older, highly reasonable and practical legal professional), I was very pleasantly surprised. I am now a convert and I am convinced that our brain is the most powerful "muscle" that we can use in the battle for self-improvement. 

-- B. H., February 2015

I have just completed Susan's weight loss hypnosis class that started in January. After 2 sessions I lost 8 lbs and almost 2 inches belt size. I am working out and last Friday in my bowling league I scored 745 for 3 games (my highest for the season by far).  I felt 30 years younger (I am 65). Because of the hypnosis and Susan's suggestions, I am aware of sugar content and have avoided foods with unhealthy amounts. If I am hungry I drink water. I do not feel deprived. Last Saturday, at my son's surprise birthday party at my house, I did not have any sweets (cookies, cake) even though I bought them for the party. My clothes are beginning to fit better and I know I will look great at my daughters' wedding in Cancun. This has not been difficult for me.
-- A. L.

Group Weight Loss

I didn't know what to expect when I started this journey. I've never before experienced hypnosis to lose weight and I can tell you that I went with an open mind and after the fifth session I realized having a voice of support and being able to take that voice with me every day really does help change the way you feel about exercising and does help change the way you view food. I exercise five days a week now and I eat so much healthier, I have a better outlook on my life. I will take Susan's voice with me always. (Thank you Susan:-)
-- K. S., October 2014


It has worked! I smoked 2 packs a day for 30 years and now I'm smoke free! I tried gum, the patch, everything and nothing else worked. Hypnosis worked. I'm very happy. I'm working better with more energy. I'm very satisfied. It's a lot better doing it in steps. I was with 2 guys today and they were smoking and it didn't really bother me. I don't have the urge to smoke anymore. 
-- R. L., February 2016
After my first day without cigarettes, I feel better already.  I can breathe easier, I am not coughing, and I feel calmer. Just overall better.  Now I can focus on losing weight!
 -- T. F., January 2015
Susan, I want to thank you so much for helping me to quit smoking! I was a social smoker for years and I just couldn't beat the habit.  I was truly ready to quit and Hypnosis was finally the thing that helped me.  It has been 18 months with no cigarettes! Yeah...you were so great!
-C.G. October 2015


Before having a session with Susan, things were not falling into place and my golf game was not going to the next level. I was playing golf at a 6 handicap. Now after one session, doors are opening up. I was offered 3 jobs out of the blue! Many things are just falling into place. Life is easier for me.
The icing on the cake for me is I now play golf at a 0 handicap. I highly recommend Susan Lembo's services. She has freed me up to live my life better!
  --D.L., August 2017

Fear of Driving

I had several hypnosis sessions because I was afraid to leave my driveway after an accident.  Now I have no problem handling local roads near my home.  I am really comfortable driving there.  What a difference it makes! I go to church, shopping, errands.  I am independent again! 

 -- J. S., February 2015

Test Taking

Susan was very helpful, understanding, flexible for individual needs.  The session was very effective and the results immediate as well. 
-- J. M., January 2015
My Mom reached out to Susan because I was going through a state exam with major test anxiety.  I had already taken the test 3 times. I tried everything possible to prepare for this test where I was only 2 points away! Before going into the session I felt a bit nervous but through the "intake interview" I started to feel really confident.  After the session I was extremely positive that through the week till my test I'd be very focused studying and with much more positive thoughts on passing.  Finally, I was able to pass the test with 8 points over the requirements. What a success :)
J.F. October 2015


The day I found Susan's info online, I never imagined that she could not only help me so quickly, but also my teen daughter. I originally contacted Susan for help with claustrophobia -- an issue that was becoming progressively worse. A recent subway trip had me in a panic. After one session in her office, my next trip on the subway went smoothly with very minimal discomfort due to the suggestions and using the tips Susan gave me.
When my daughter presented with a separate issue, I immediately thought of Susan. She was good enough to book us an emergency appointment. After one session (which my teen loved, by the way -- even though she was originally wary), Susan was able to successfully resolve the issue. We are very grateful!
Susan has a very calm, caring manner, and will immediately put you at ease. If you've never tried these techniques, don't hesitate to give it a shot! There's nothing to be scared of!
-- S. C., October 2014

Relationship Issues

Susan has helped me tremendously with anxieties I've had surrounding relationships after being in several bad relationships. I experienced paralyzing anxiety and decided to call Susan to see if she worked in this area in addition to the other areas she specialized in including smoking cessation and weight loss.  I was not able to eat and the anxiety was palpable.  Together we identified some core beliefs that were holding me back. She spent time with me to help identify triggers and areas of suggestion to focus on during the hypnosis.  I have had both immediate and long term benefits from this.  From time to time I return to explore other areas or reinforce previous sessions.  I would highly recommend Susan for help with speaking to the subconscious part of the brain that is the part that can help us iron out issues which are symptoms of patterns and beliefs that need to be corrected.

-- S.T., January 2015

Stress and Anxiety

I went to see Susan because I was experiencing some anxiety episodes.  I was looking for tools to help change my perception of stress. I found Susan to be sincere, empathetic, and knowledgeable. Everything she taught and "suggested" is working to improve the quality of my life.  I highly recommend trying her! 

-- L. W., February 2016

Hypnosis General

This is the only thing that works!
-- P. H.


Diabetes Management

My parents are Diabetic.  I am 'pre-Diabetic', meaning my blood indicators are on the high side but not high enough to formally be diagnosed as a Diabetic.  My Doctor calls me a 'high risk' of diabetes patient.  Susan was able to recommend a mix of herbal remedies that have helped dramatically in managing my condition.
-- M. S., August 2014