Herbs have long been the basis of traditional medicine. They were used in Chinese herbal medicine and the Indian Ayurvedic medicinal system. Even western medical culture has its roots in the Hippocratic (Greek) elemental healing system. Indeed, many modern pharmaceuticals have roots in herbal medicines and some drugs are still made from raw herbs that have been purified to pharmaceutical standards.

Herbalism is the study of application of herbs to assist with bodily functions. Susan Lembo studied under...




At Effortless Hypnosis, Susan Lembo's knowledge as an Herbalist is a resource to enhance your with Hypnosis and Massage.

Herbalism is not a substitute for Medical, Dental or Psychiatric care. Individuals in need of such care must consult a qualified, licensed provider for advice, diagnosis and treatment prior to Herbalism.

The Herbalist must be kept fully informed of the professional care a client is receiving. As an adjunct, Herbalism may enhance such care. Herbalism should only be received from a trained professional who practices within the scope of his or her training.

Private Sessions

Herbalism is available in private sessions in Whitehouse Station and Morristown, New Jersey.

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