Serenity utilizes our expertise in Massage and Hypnosis to deliver the ultimate in peace, relaxation and well being; creating the optimal state of mind and body to achieve your goals.  Each Serenity session is two hours – an hour of Massage to diminish the world's distractions, followed by an hour of Hypnosis to take full advantage of your relaxed state of mind and body. 

Since Hypnosis is highly individualized, what takes a couple of sessions for one might take a few more for another. We will develop a program based on your individual goals and circumstances. If you still haven't, please Contact Us to discuss the particulars of your situation and formulate a plan tailored to your specific needs.

In our experience Hypnosis works best with regularly scheduled sessions at least once a week. If this is a challenge, please Contact Us so we may formulate a way to help you reach your goals.

Though we would love to bring Serenity to the world, we are, unfortunately, only able to deliver it at our offices. Our apologies to those who use our services through Live Online. Our strict 24 hour cancellation policy applies -- If we can't help you, we want to be helping others.

Serenity is only offered on a package basis. If needed, additional sessions may be purchased at your package's 'per session' rate.

Clients must register and pay in advance for all services.  No walk-ins, please.


10 Sessions for $1,699 

5 Sessions for $999